Full Rights vs. Companion Dogs

June 20, 2016 Donald 1

If you have been thinking about purchasing a French Bulldog puppy, I am sure the terminology can become a little confusing. This is especially true because sometimes terms are used interchangeably. I will go over […]

French Bulldog Puppy Chewing

June 18, 2016 Donald 0

So you get your delightful French Bulldog puppy home, and he or she has turned into a chewing machine. Every time you look, your Frenchie puppy has something in its mouth (including your fingers!), and […]

Villa Our Cream Frenchie Puppy

September 18, 2015 Donald 0

Here is our girl Villa a cream french bulldog! She is our 1st frenchie and thrilled to be getting her soon. We have always wanted a a couple french bulldogs since we seen our 1st […]