Bulldogs – Brachycephalic Breed Tips

December 4, 2016 Donald 2

Owning a brachycephalic breed (we will call them brachy breeds for short) such as French Bulldogs can be challenging for some, especially new owners of this breed type. Let’s go over what exactly a bracy […]

French Bulldog Puppy Chewing

June 18, 2016 Donald 0

So you get your delightful French Bulldog puppy home, and he or she has turned into a chewing machine. Every time you look, your Frenchie puppy has something in its mouth (including your fingers!), and […]

Villa and Token

May 24, 2016 Donald 0

French Bulldog Puppies – Planned Breeding Between Villa & Token Looking for French Bulldog puppies?! We are excited to announce a planned Frenchie breeding later this year (2016) between Nutibara Villa and Azure Silver Bull […]

Villa Our Cream Frenchie Puppy

September 18, 2015 Donald 0

Here is our girl Villa a cream french bulldog! She is our 1st frenchie and thrilled to be getting her soon. We have always wanted a a couple french bulldogs since we seen our 1st […]