French Bulldog Puppy Chewing

french bulldog puppy chewing a bone

So you get your delightful French Bulldog puppy home, and he or she has turned into a chewing machine. Every time you look, your Frenchie puppy has something in its mouth (including your fingers!), and you see no home in curbing this behavior. But there’s help for reducing this behavior of your adorable chewing monster. The idea is to stop your puppy from destroying furniture and chewing fingers. But owners to also keep in mind the risk of choking and an obstructions in the intestines. So even if you are a tolerant French Bulldog puppy mom or dad, it is important to reduce the chewing in order to possibly save our puppy’s life.

Reduce Chewing In Your French Bulldog Puppy

French Bulldog PuppyFirst I want to say, chewing is not a sign of disobedience or a bad puppy. Frenchie puppies chew due to teething. Scolding does not work right away as they have the short term memory of toddlers. So the best way to reduce destruction and chewed up fingers is by diverting their chewing by offering them an alternative to chew. Safe chewing treats are the best. We do not recommend cheap rawhide or plastic/rubber toys. While puppies love chewing rawhide is not very digestible and can cause an obstruction that could become critical or fatal. The same is true for plastic and rubber toys. Many French Bulldog Breeders will agree. It is better to offer your French Bulldog puppy a digestible and natural chewing treat. We recommend Bully Sticks because they are 100% all natural, 100% digestible and low in fat. Bully Sticks are not rawhide chews. They are made from free range cattle. Your French Bulldog’s saliva softens them tremendously as they chew. They help reduce tartar, and are appropriate even for raw fed dogs. These chews are made from grass fed animals, so they are also appropriate for dogs on grain free diets. They contain no chemicals or antibiotics, are soy free and gluten free.

The way to divert chewing is to keep a pack of these around. When you see chewing happening, remove your puppy from the chewing and take him or her to another area and offer this alternative. If your puppy continually chews on hands or feet, the same technique can be used. Remember, this chewing is usually just a phase as they loosen their baby teeth and start growing in their adult teeth. So this will not last forever, but it is important that your puppy does not injure itself or others during this phase, and we have found this to be a safe alternative to rawhide chews. And as a French Bulldog puppy owner, it is our responsibility to train our puppies and offer them the best of the best.

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