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french bulldog breeder and shipping methods

When searching for a puppy from a reputable French Bulldog breeder, many families feel limited to those breeders who reside in their state. Additionally, some families feel uneasy about “shipping” from a Frenchie breeder. We want to clear up some misconceptions about pet shipping. The term “shipping” is not really the most accurate term to use. However, many breeders (such as ourselves) use this term over and over. Rest assured, your puppy will not be packaged in the mail and shipped. We also wanted to take this time to familiarize you with some of the safe methods of pet transport. Note: Transportation is only for convenience and not at all mandatory. You can absolutely pick your pet up in person.

USDA Licensed Pet Transporters

Hand delivery from a French Bulldog BreederUSDA requires pet transporters to abide by specific laws and sterilization methods. Your French Bulldog will be transported in a sanitized crate via ground (driven to the destination). They are required to stop every couple of hours for a reasonable amount of time to provide food and water, exercise, potty breaks, to re-sanitize your puppy’s crate, and to freshen up your puppy if needed. The automobile is temperature controlled. USDA pet transporters only allow transport of puppies that have been health certified by a vet and in good health. Puppies can only ride one to each crate to prevent any contamination. Because of this precaution (which is the law actually), there is minimal to no risk of illness through transport. Most transporters will also abide by a “no paws on the ground” policy if it is requested by the French Bulldog breeder. While it is not the quickest way, it is an affordable and extremely safe method of pet transportation. This is our preferred means of delivery of your puppy.

Airline Flight Nanny

Flight nannies are a bit more costly, but it is more stress free and a lot faster. Pet nannies fly with your puppy in the cabin, and they are with your puppy at all times. They deliver from the French Bulldog breeder to you at your nearest airport.

Airline Cargo

We do not recommend this method of transport with all airlines. Additionally, temperature requirements restrict this breed from flying cargo for several months out of the year. We generally only recommend airlines like United PetSafe who are temperature controlled all year round.

Personal Delivery from Your French Bulldog Breeder

Many French Bulldog breeders will hand deliver your puppy right to you for a nominal fee. This is the easiest and most stress free way. Please contact to inquire about hand delivery!

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