Dog Care Routine That Will Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy

dog care tips for your pet

Dog care tips and health tipsA dog is a lovely pet that makes life more enjoyable by offering companionship. With a dog at your home, you will not feel lonely even if you are living by yourself. People with a dog also have higher chances of exercising. In fact, statistics state that children with dogs are 50-percent less likely to be overweight as a dog makes walks and play in the park more enjoyable. However, for you to enjoy the benefits you must keep your dog in good health and happy through proper feeding, grooming, exercises and health care and wellness among other dog care measures.

Dog Care Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy


What you feed your dog not only affects the satisfaction levels but also affects the health and the active life of your dog. A dog needs balanced nutritious diet and plenty of clean, fresh water to remain active and healthy. Generally, your dog should get all the nutrients it needs from diets. A well-balanced dog diet should provide energy, fats, proteins, minor nutrients, minerals, vitamins and essential micro-nutrients. Proteins as the basic building blocks for tissues, cells, organs, hormones, enzymes and antibodies should be part of every diet as they are essential for growth, reproduction, maintenance, and repair. Fats and carbohydrates provide your dog with the energy necessary for daily activities.


Keeping your dog clean and well-groomed is as important as feeding your dog the right diet. A clean dog will look and smell good. To keep your dog looking and smelling good, you should give much attention to include brushing, bathing, haircuts and nail trimming. Although it is important to bathe your dog on regular basis, the actual frequency will vary based on the breed and the environment but you should not bathe your dog more than once every week. You should also brush your dog on regular basis to remove the dead hair from the dog’s coat. Furthermore, brushing lets you control where the dog will shed the hair. You can brush your dog as you wish but dogs with longer hair require frequent brushing than dogs with shorter hair. You should also not forget to trim your dog’s nails.


Your dog care routine should also include a proper exercise program for a healthy life. Fortunately, exercises for your dog should not be difficult or boring. You can keep your dog happy and healthy through easy and enjoyable activities such as walking, swimming and interactive activities such as fetching a ball. In addition to the exercises, your dog care routine should also include diseases prevention through health checks and vaccinations as well as pest control. Some of the common diseases you should help protect through simple dog care measures include periodontal disease, which you can prevent by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth and ears infection with regularly cleaning the ears.


Another aspect that you should not forget in your dog care routine is proper training for your dog. Proper training will teach your dog to be attentive as well as calm and independent when needed. Always remember that dogs do not learn by being punished but through encouragement and gentle persuasion.

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