Our discounts on our French Bulldog puppiesWe are happy to offer several discounts on our French Bulldog puppies. Please note, all discounts will be verified as appropriate. Additionally, we do not combine discounts unless noted. If your household is applicable for more than one discount, we will give you the largest of the applicable discounts. Some discounts are by contract. We understand that a French Bulldog puppy is a major purchase, it was for us as well. We hope that you take advantage of any discounts that may apply to your household. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coyote Frenchies. We will be happy to answer all questions. Thank you for your interest in our puppies.


We offer a military discount of 5% to our active and veteran status households. The owner (or co-owner/spouse/domestic partner) must be in active or veteran status to receive this discount. We thank you for your service!


We offer a 5% discount to law enforcement officers and their spouses! Law enforcement does include correctional officers.


If you are looking for two baby French Bulldogs to bring home with you from the same litter, we will discount each baby 15%. If you have ever purchased a French Bulldog puppy from us, you will have a 10% discount for life.


We reduce our puppies for $2,500 for homes where they will not be shown or bred (pets only). This requires a spay or neuter by contract before 6 months of age.


We offer a 5% discount to homeowners upon verification. We do not need to see any personal or financial information. THIS DISCOUNT CAN BE COMBINED.


(Florida only/hobby breeder homes only/female puppies only) We will reduce the price of any of our female puppies in return for a registered female puppy back (our choice) on your puppy’s age-appropriate first breeding. The stud can be your choice, but must he must be fully registered with the same registry as your puppy. This discount is by contract. Once we receive our puppy, the co-own requirement has been satisfied and you will receive her full rights and full ownership.


(Florida only) Any puppy purchased from us with full rights can be bred back to one of our studs for no fee, just a pick of the litter as return (our choice). We will cover collection (if needed), you will be responsible for vet visits such as progesterone tests, AI procedures (if applicable), and a C section if needed. If only one puppy is born, the stud owner would receive the puppy but another stud service will be credited with no fee and no puppy back. This is by contract.