Are you obsessed with French Bulldogs like us? Are you a new owner looking for information on Frenchies? This page is dedicated to everything French Bulldog, including Coyote’s fun updates, announcements, helpful information about French Bulldogs, and of course, introductions of all of our Frenchie babies!

Blue French Bulldogs

April 11, 2017 Donald 2

Right now there is almost 10,000 searches a month on Google for blue French Bulldogs. Families want these little blue babies. Kids search for photo after photo of these bat eared mini blue bears. It […]

French Bulldog Breeder Pet Transporters

June 27, 2016 Donald 0

When searching for a puppy from a reputable French Bulldog breeder, many families feel limited to those breeders who reside in their state. Additionally, some families feel uneasy about “shipping” from a Frenchie breeder. We […]

Full Rights vs. Companion Dogs

June 20, 2016 Donald 1

If you have been thinking about purchasing a French Bulldog puppy, I am sure the terminology can become a little confusing. This is especially true because sometimes terms are used interchangeably. I will go over […]

French Bulldog Puppy Chewing

June 18, 2016 Donald 0

So you get your delightful French Bulldog puppy home, and he or she has turned into a chewing machine. Every time you look, your Frenchie puppy has something in its mouth (including your fingers!), and […]

French Bulldog Colors

May 30, 2016 Donald 0

French Bulldogs come in an array of beautiful and stunning colors. Some coat colors are considered “standard” that meaning the coat color is noted as one of the coat colors in the French Bulldog Colors […]

Meet Luke the Blue Frenchie

February 27, 2016 Donald 0

We saw Luke in late January on a blue Frenchie adoption page and absolutely fell in love. Since he was outside of the country, we were not able to have him flown to us until […]

Villa Our Cream Frenchie Puppy

September 18, 2015 Donald 0

Here is our girl Villa a cream french bulldog! She is our 1st frenchie and thrilled to be getting her soon. We have always wanted a a couple french bulldogs since we seen our 1st […]

Our French Bulldog Website!

September 13, 2015 Donald 0

Welcome to Coyote Frenchies! Here you will find updates on our French Bulldogs and breeding’s that we do. Keep checking back for new updates.