Blue French Bulldogs

blue french bulldogs puppy

Right now there is almost 10,000 searches a month on Google for blue French Bulldogs. Families want these little blue babies. Kids search for photo after photo of these bat eared mini blue bears. It is easy to fall in love with any Frenchie, but blue Frenchies are definitely stealing the most hearts of all French Bulldogs.

How Are Blue French Bulldogs Created?

Blue french bulldogs genetics explained by Animal Genetics
Courtesy of Animal Genetics
It is not easy to create a blue French Bulldog puppy. The gene responsible for dilution of the black gene is a rarity in this breed. D/D is black. The d/d gene would be a blue dog (unless the puppy is also b/b which would show a chocolate puppy coat). It does get confusing. In order to produce a Frenchie puppy that is blue, atleast both parents would have to be blue (d/d) or carry the blue gene (D/d). A blue (d/d) to a blue carrier (D/d) will produce blues, and of course a blue to a blue will produce blues. Two blue carrier parents (D/d) can also produce blues. The only way to know what colors a Frenchie carries is by DNA color testing. A blue dog will obviously be d/d, however a blue dog may also carry other colors and patterns that will influence the offspring’s colors/patterns.

When Will Coyote Frenchies Have Blue Puppies Available?

We have now introduced both the tan points gene (at) and the blue gene (d) into our program. Both are considered rare colors. We will have our first litter of blues (both blue and tan and blue) in June of 2018. Maggie is our new cream girl who carries both blue and tan points. She carries pied as well, and does not carry brindle. We will select a blue and tan stud from outside of our breeding program. The stud we select will be at/at (tan pointed), d/d (blue/dilute) who does not carry cream, brindle, and preferably no pied as well. This will result in only blue and blue and tan puppies. If the stud carries pied, we would also have blue & tan pied and blue pied. It is also possible (but unlikely) that a puppy can be blue sable or blue fawn.

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    • Since they are not tolerant to heat or cold, they do the best in apartments and condos! French Bulldogs really don’t need much exercise.

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