Getting Rid Of Pet Hair at Home

If you are a dog or cat owner (or both) I’m hoping you invested in a leather sofa, otherwise you know all about how pet hair just loves to hang on to things tighter than your winter thermals do. However, leather furniture is not a cheap option, meaning for most of us we have no choice other than getting on our knees with a roll of tape and tackling each section of the furniture in the hope of getting it all this time. If you value your sanity, you may prefer the tips below instead.

Low humidity coupled with static electricity make those infuriating pet hairs a whole lot worse. Address these two elements and your lovely pet hair could become your friend, rather than your enemy

A Look At The Furniture
Use dampened gloves to get pet hair off fabric and upholstery by running your gloved hand over the surface to collect the hair. When the glove is covered in hair, rinse it off then continue. A wet sponge can work instead if you don’t have any rubber gloves handy. This is a great method for cutting back on going through rolls of tape every week.
Or you can spray a light mist of water and fabric softener onto the furniture then wipe it off.
For wooden furniture, a soft cloth along with furniture polish should do the trick. The spray will get rid of the electric charge and make the task of removing the hair and stopping it from re-sticking a whole lot easier.

A Look At The Floors
You can scrape a pumice stone on carpet surface. The pet hair will gather together (and your dear carpet certainly won’t be troubled with dry skin this winter!) FURminator is also something I have used on rugs, if you use it gently it will gather the hairs without causing damage.
Vacuum the area twice and use an opposite direction each time to get those stubborn hairs dislodged. If you’re looking for a cheaper vac for this purpose, then see here.
Bare floors, as well as wooden and laminate flooring can make use of a microfiber dry mop; if you use a vacuum you may find it just creates a storm of pet hair rather than gathering it together.

A Look At Clothes
To give yourself a once over before you head off to work or on a social outing, keep a lint roller by your door.
If there is a lot of hair on your clothes, put them in the dryer with a dryer sheet for 10 minutes. Alternatively, for a chemical free solution, use a dryer ball. The hair ends up in the lint trap once it has been loosened up from the movement and softener. You can also add a little liquid water softener to help.

A Look At The Pets Themselves
pet hair is a major concern for pet ownersBrushing (or ideally FURminating) your per twice a week can significantly cut down on the amount of pet hair you have to deal with in your home. I have not tried this, but I also heard that putting a stocking or thin sock over the actual hose of a small handheld vacuum and then turning it on your pet can also be a great help. My dear canine would never forgive me for the trauma this would inflict on him, but I’d love to know whether anyone has tried it. Tell me about it in the comments if you have.

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