Bottled Water For Dogs – is it a Good Idea?

pure bottled water products 5000 parts per 1,000,000 of total dissolved

Whether your dog prefers to lap up his water from the toilet bowl or mud puddle, any type of water is perfectly fine when it comes to quenching thirst from his perspective. Luckily, you can help him in making better choices. The first thing is to always remember to keep the toilet lid down. While the truth is that you probably don’t have to buy premium water for your beloved pet, it is important to realize that bottled water can be quite useful in many instances.

Know Thy Tap
Water might be the most important nutrient that your dog needs, but it is not all created equal. Tap water that contains less than 5000 parts per 1,000,000 of total dissolved solids might be deemed as acceptable for your dog, it is good to keep in mind that tap water might contain harmful chemicals such as traces of heavy metals, nitrates, arsenic, and fluoride depending on where you live. Taps water also contains high levels of minerals that can affect dogs especially the ones whose immune systems are compromised or have underlying medical conditions.

Stone Collection
If your beloved pet is susceptible to development of bladder stones, you should stop giving him tap water from the sink and switch over to bottled water instead. Certain types of tap water have a high mineral content that can play a role in the formation of stones and crystals. Giving your dog bottled water in this case is a great idea since the precaution adds a little safety factor.

Tear Stains
If you are the proud owner of a Maltese, Bulldog, Bichon, or Poodle, you might be interested in learning that the water you give to your dog might be a contributing factor to the development of unsightly tear stains that the breeds are susceptible to. You should therefore be looking to at the high iron and mineral content of tap water as the main culprit. You may use a filter to provide cleaner water or you could simply give your dog bottled water.

Picky Drinkers
The behavior of your dog might leave you baffled sometimes especially if he refuses to drink water from his bowl but readily drinks water from other unsavory sources such as muddy puddles or toilet bowls. In such a case, you should put the blame on the chlorine present in tap water, which can be quite noxious tasting and smelling from the perspective of your dog. If your dog does not drink enough water but readily drinks non-chlorinated bottled water, you should consider giving it to him more often.

Murky Waters
If you don’t consider tap water safe to drink you should be also concerned about giving it to your dog. While you might consider using a filter, remember that fluoride cannot be removed by standard charcoal filters. A better option would be to use non-fluoridated or non-chlorinated bottled water. However, don’t forget that bottled water is not necessarily safe. The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates that 25 percent or more of bottled water is simply tap water that has been put in a bottle. If you want more info read this bottled water market report.

Water On The Move
pure bottled drinking water french bulldogBottled water is an excellent choice when travelling with your dog. Don’t simply assume that because he is a strong pet who gulps down anything he will be perfectly okay drinking local tap water. Since you are not aware of what is contained in the water at your destination, and water varies from one place to the next, carrying several gallons of bottled water with you for yourself and your pet can help you avoid bacterial contamination when travelling.

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